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Keep 20 Kids With Autism Safe

FUNDED June 5 2013 – Thank You!

NAAA_LostChildRecognizing that wandering, elopement, “running,” or fleeing behaviors create unique safety risks for children with autism, the National Autism Association created the Big Red Safety Box. Your click today will help this program continue to be free to qualified families by underwriting the cost of 24 boxes.

NAA’s Big Red Safety Box includes the following resources:

1) A Get REDy booklet containing the following educational materials and tools:

A caregiver checklist
A Family Wandering Emergency Plan
A first-responder profile form
A wandering-prevention brochure
A sample IEP Letter

2) Two (2) Door/Window Alarms with batteries

3) One (1) RoadID Personalized, Engraved Shoe ID Tag*

4) Five (5) Laminated Adhesive Stop Sign Visual Prompts for doors and windows

5) Two (2) Safety Alert Window Clings for car or home windows

6) One (1) Red Safety Alert Wristband

If you are a primary caregiver who needs these supplies, you can find more information on how to apply for a Big Red Box here. For more information on how to make emergency responders in your community aware of the dangers surrounding “wandering” behavior, please click here.

The National Autism Association also provides direct assistance to law enforcement agencies and caregivers through FOUND, including funding search-and-rescue agencies in need of tracking technology and training. You can support these efforts through a click here today or through a Gift That Gives More by clicking the donate button.

Recent Projects

Help 4 Girls Get to School Safely for 4 Months: Completed January 18, 2017

64,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

In 2008, men on motorcycles sprayed acid into the faces of teachers and students walking to school, targeting girls wearing school uniforms. Donors rallied and purchased a school bus so this would never happen again. Keeping these buses running is costly. Funding is needed to help pay for the bus drivers, fuel and on-going maintenance. With your support, we can continue to provide safe passage to school for girls in Afghanistan.

This campaign is complete.
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Bring Rainwater for 2,200 Square Feet of Garden to Native American Families: Completed January 16, 2017

61,600 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

The Tohono O’odham Reservation, which stretches along the Mexican border through the Sonoran Desert and southwest Arizona, is extremely isolated and painfully food deprived. The majority of the residents live well below the poverty level, with many making a mere $358 per month. The grocery store is a 2-hour drive away, and the little agriculture has all but dried up over the past decades. In addition to limited income and lack of food sources, few have access to transportation. This makes the already inaccessible food even more unattainable for the village of Gu Vo. With your help the Native Americans of Gu Vo can harvest rainwater for their gardens. Your donation will help them grow accessible and nutritious food, something they strongly need.

This campaign is complete.
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Help Provide Full Vet Care for 4 Orangutans in the Field: Completed January 13, 2017

60,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

As Sumatra rapidly trades their rainforests for farmlands, the orangutans who call these forests home are losing habitat critical to their survival. Today there are less than 6,600 orangutans left in the wild, stranded in isolated patches of forest surrounded by plantations. Stripped of their protection by the forest, these orangutans face greater exposure to hunting and poaching for the illegal pet trade. You can help! Your donation will help fund tranquilizer darts to safely evacuate orangutans from areas being cleared by bulldozers as well as supply veterinary supplies needed to treat them out in the field.

This campaign is complete.
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Help Provide New Shoes for 320 Children in Need in Bolivia: Completed January 11, 2017

64,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Soles4Souls works to distribute new shoes and clothes to impoverished children and families around the world. Funds are needed to transport the shoes from warehouses in the United States to Bolivian families who need it most. Just one pair of shoes could make a big difference. Just one pair of shoes could keep a child in school in Bolivia.

This campaign is complete.
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Help Julius and Vincent Get the Medical Treatment They Need: Completed January 9, 2017

96,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Two kittens, Julius and Vincent, have an extreme case of conjunctivitis. Julius will forever have corneal scarring while Vincent will have corneal scarring in one eye and the other will have to be removed due to deep infection. The kittens are going to need antibiotics and surgery but their prognosis is great and will hopefully be put up for adoption in the next few upcoming months! You can help! Just $20 helps Julius and Vincent receive the medical attention they need to live a life free of pain!

This campaign is complete.
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Provide 21 Children in Foster Care with a Duffel Bag and Hygiene Kit: Completed January 6, 2017

63,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

With your help we can provide a duffel bag for a new child entering the foster care system. Your donation will help children feel welcomed and unique during this difficult transition. Just $10 provides a bag for a new foster care child.

This campaign is complete.
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Help Vaccinate 32 Dogs to Give Them a Better Chance for Adoption: Completed January 4, 2017

64,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

According to the Humane Society of the United States, between 6 and 8 million dogs and cats are left at shelters each year. Many shelters experience much higher intake of pets than others, leading to euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals due to lack of funding, space, and local families willing to adopt. Animal Lifeline has created a Ride to Rescue program to help transport dogs and cats from overly crowded shelters to shelters where they have a better chance of being adopted. You can help.

This campaign is complete.
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