We turn the desire to make a difference into tangible, documented support for charities that help people, save pets, and improve the planet.

By connecting millions of caring people, we have created a real online community with true power to change the world.

Who We Are and What We Do

GreaterGood connects a passionate audience with simple online engagement tools that help to make the world a better place through their everyday actions.

Our properties focus on the causes that matter to consumers: people, pets and the planet.

A daily click on one of our Click-to-Give websites creates a donation for worthy causes, funded by the site advertising. As an advertiser or sponsor partner, you directly affect the cause.

Cause-focused & Informational Websites

Our Click-to-Give websites (CTG) provide funding to worthy causes, paid for by advertisers – 100% of this ad revenue goes directly to support the work of our charity partners.

Helping People

The Hunger Site

CTG reaching humanitarians, social activists, and individuals who support the fight against food insecurity everywhere

The Breast Cancer Site

CTG reaching breast cancer survivors and supporters

The Autism Site

CTG reaching parents, caregivers and families affected by autism

The Diabetes Site

CTG reaching individuals, families and caregivers affected by diabetes

The Veterans Site

CTG reaching veterans, advocates, military families and those who support our servicemen and women

The Literacy Site

CTG reaching parents, educators and education advocates

The Alzheimers Site

CTG reaching individuals, families and caregivers affected by Alzheimers

Helping Pets

The Animal Rescue Site

CTG reaching animal lovers and pet parents

Free Kibble
Free Kibble Kat
Shelter Challenge
Find Doggy Daycare
Local Dog Walker
Pet Boarding Finder
Pet Grooming Finder
Pet Waste Removals
Premium Dog Training

Helping the Planet

The Rainforest Site

CTGs reaching environmentalists, green consumers, and habitat advocates

Mobile Apps

Expanding the reach of our content and charitable mission.

Online Stores

Our cause-focused stores include a wide selection of unique jewelry, clothing, fair trade products, home accents, and much more. Every purchase made creates even more funding to the causes that are important to our communities.

Gifts That Give More

Gifts That Give More purchases give hope by helping meet specific needs – from providing food for those in need to protecting shelter animals, and much more, benefiting a wide range of charities doing important work the whole world over. grants funds generated through its Gifts That Give More program and the GreaterGood family of websites to the nonprofit partners and charities responsible for implementing and sustaining the cause programs described on the GreaterGood websites. also provides grants directly to worthwhile organizations dedicated to the welfare of the global community.

Social Media Outreach and Engagement

Our audience: Passionate, mature, dedicated

More than 50 million monthly visitors

Source: Google Analytics Premium

Over 200 million monthly pageviews

Source: Google Analytics Premium

Over 100 million Facebook fans and the most highly-engaged pages for related causes

Over 9.6 million email list subscribers



  • 40% $75K+
  • 30% $25K–$50K
  • 22% $50K–$75K


  • 65% 34-65
  • 31% 55+


  • 81% Female


  • 45% College-educated
  • 36% College graduate
  • 25% High School
  • 16% Post-graduate

Source: Neilsen/NetRatings

Doing GreaterGood

Since 1999, GreaterGood has raised over $40M for a variety of causes. To date visitor clicks and store purchases have funded:

530,549,586 bowls of food for rescued animals

55,878 mammograms for women in need

824,909,397 cups of food for the hungry

Books for children in need

Vital health care services for children around the world

Preservation of rainforest

Support for many other programs worldwide


Thanks so much for all the great work that you do. It is truly impressive and making a huge impact on so many lives.

Dr. Michael Rich, Partners in Health, Rwanda Country Director

Our warmest thanks for your rapid response and deep concern for the current plight of the people of Burma ... It truly makes a difference. Thanks.

Hal Nathan, President, Foundation for the People of Burma

Our nonprofit partners

Engaging with our communities

Through our Advertising and Partnership opportunities, we help corporations to strategically connect with engaged consumers in a way that advances both the support of the cause as well as the business' goals.

A strategic alliance with GreaterGood will strengthen your brand with people that matter to your business, enhance your corporate image through causes that matter, and deliver the results that matter.

Why cause marketing?

Advertising Opportunities

Banner placement

  • 728x90, 300x250, 160x600
  • GIF/JPG/PNG and rich media such as Flash

"Thank You" page tile placement

  • 120x60

Email Advertising

  • Newsletter
  • Daily Reminder
  • Take Action
  • Take Action single sponsor

Social Media

  • Facebook posts
  • Sponsored stories

Acquisition Campaigns

  • Targeted petitions through Take Action Center

Sponsor Opportunities

  • Challenges
  • Photo Contests
  • Shared Stories
  • Special Cause-focused Projects:
    • One Picture Saves a Life
    • Operation Sandwich
    • Cats R Cool
  • Shipment Insertions:
    • Coupons
    • Product samples
    • Media


Randy Silvey
Vice President, Advertising Sales