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Provide Goats to 6 Families in Need

FUNDED August 31 2018 – Thank You!

Help families help themselves out of poverty by giving the gift of goats!

Giving the gift of a goat to a family in need can change their lives. It could contribute to a small business, provide milk, wool and more. Thanks to your prior donations, Pumina (pictured right) and her family in Nepal received a goat from GreaterGood and since has been able to stay nourished with the milk her goat produces, as well as sell extra milk and offspring in order to rebuild her home. Her goat has opened up many opportunities for her. Join us as we expand our efforts to continue to support families in need all over the world.

Give the gift of goats to families around the world! Your contribution will provide agricultural assistance to those most vulnerable to chronic hunger. Your gift of a goat will help a family in need build a better life for themselves.

Why goats are so valuable:

  • Goats can graze even on poor, dry land unsuitable for other livestock
  • Goats can supply a family with several quarts of milk each day— important nutrition for undernourished children
  • Extra milk can be made into cheese or yogurt and sold to make extra money for the family
  • Goat manure can be used to fertilize gardens and fields
  • Goats often have two or three kids a year, enabling families to start small dairies
  • With their earnings, families can afford food, education and health care

With your donations our partners incorporate the following to ensure this important resource is utilized to the fullest:

Recent Projects

Maintain Fresh Water Troughs for India’s Street Animals: Completed July 17, 2019

52,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Summers in the city of Faridabad are very dry and very hot, with most days over 100 degrees. Animals die in the streets from heat stroke and lack of drinking water, or from drinking contaminated water in canals and sewers. In response, Project Summer Lifeline was launched, filling and maintaining water tubs and artificial ponds throughout the city. Please click today to provide life-saving hydration for dogs, goats, cows, and wildlife!

This campaign is complete.
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Protect Sharks from Extinction: Completed July 15, 2019

70,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

It’s Shark Awareness Day, and a perfect time to highlight these threatened species. Although sharks have been a top predator in the ocean for over 4 million years, overfishing and ocean habitat loss are contributing to their rapid decline.’s signature program Project Peril is partnering with nonprofits around the world to fight these issues and save the shark from extinction. Please click today to help!

This campaign is complete.
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Clear 400 Square Feet of Landmines: Completed July 12, 2019

50,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Nagorno Karabakh is a remote and beautiful place, but its people have been haunted by landmines for more than two decades. Families living near minefields are some of the poorest and most food insecure in the world. Many have to choose between cultivating land they know is mined and letting their children go hungry. Please click to clear landmines from farmland so food can grow and children can safely play.

This campaign is complete.
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Save Newborn Kittens with Pet Maternity Wards: Completed July 10, 2019

50,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

In animal shelters, pregnant dogs and cats, and moms with their babies are at the highest risk and have the most difficult time getting adopted. Many of these animals have conditions like kennel cough, upper respiratory infections, mange or ringworm that need treatment right away. Please click today to help get newborn kittens the specialized care that they need!

This campaign is complete.
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Give 53 Girls a Five-Year Supply of Sanitary Supplies: Completed July 8, 2019

74,200 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

One out of ten Malawian girls miss school 3 to 4 days every month because of menstruation. Menstrual products (disposable pads and cups) are too expensive for most families who live on less than $1 per day. These girls stop going to school during their cycles because they don’t have proper sanitation materials. Please click today!

This campaign is complete.
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Provide 20 Hours of Training for a Veteran’s Service Dog: Completed July 5, 2019

50,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Help train and provide service dogs at no cost to disabled American veterans in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. This companionship offers the security and confidence that is needed to help them reintegrate into society, and learn to live in the civilian world. Your clicks today will change the lives of a veteran and dog who need each other.

This campaign is complete.
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Help Protect Sea Turtle Nests: Completed July 3, 2019

48,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Along the eastern coast of India, development, pollution, and poaching have driven the local sea turtles towards extinction. What were once nesting grounds have turned into roads and seaside resorts, or are covered with garbage. This International Plastic Bags Free Day, help us keep sea turtles safe by tackling pollution on beaches.

This campaign is complete.
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