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Vaccinate 25 Street Dogs in Armenia

FUNDED May 29 2019 – Thank You!

Help fund the first mobile clinic to save the lives of Armenia’s street dogs.

From 2010 to 2018, the only mechanism used for regulating the high population of stray animals in Armenia was killing. As a solution, the local municipality would hire hunters who toured in the streets and shot at dogs, in many cases leaving the bodies lying in the streets. Quite often they shot animals which had owners or were taken care of by the area residents. partners with Dingo Team to provide urgent help to stray animals in Armenia by providing them with a mobile clinic. The main goal is to implant a culture of pet adoption and offer reasonable solutions to the overpopulation problem to lower the number of homeless animals. With this clinic, the hope is for the number of stray dogs to decrease, to develop the society by rescuing stray animals, and by educating vets in the region for future mobile clinic programs.

You can help.  Just $2 can help with treatments and vaccinations needed for a stray dog. You can help homeless dogs gain a brighter future.

DINGO TEAM is the first animal rescue mission to provide urgent help to stray (homeless) animals in Armenia. We also promote the culture of adopting stray animals and put enormous efforts into finding proper housing for a vast number of dogs and cats. Dingo is dedicated to animal welfare, and has taken on an important role of helping homeless animals and educating the population of Armenia about these issues.

Recent Projects

Keep Homeless People and their Pets Together: Completed June 24, 2019

72,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Unfortunately, a large majority of homeless shelters do not allow pets on their property. So homeless pet owners are faced with an unimaginable decision each night—either stay with their pet outside and brave the elements for the night, or check into the shelter and leave their pet behind. By retrofitting homeless shelters to accept pets, we can ensure more people get the help they need, and that more pets are saved in the process. Please Click Today to get people and pets off the streets and into a safe environment.

This campaign is complete.
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Fund 9 Months of School for a Syrian Refugee: Completed June 21, 2019

45,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

More than 75,000 refugee children in Jordan do not receive formal schooling. School related costs for transportation and supplies can be out of reach for families, and many children drop out of school to work, because nearly 60 percent of Syrian refugee families rely on the money they earn. We want to give Syrian refugee girls the opportunity to learn and go to school so they can have a brighter future. Please click today!

This campaign is complete.
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Spay or Neuter 15 Street Pets in Mexico: Completed June 19, 2019

51,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

There is an extreme overpopulation of cats and dogs in Mexico, where unwanted animals are born to suffer. They are hit by vehicles, starve, become diseased, even abandoned. And still they continue to breed. Please click today to help us fund free spay/neuter clinics to combat pet overpopulation.

This campaign is complete.
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Help Elephants Protect Wildlife from Poaching: Completed June 17, 2019

71,250 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

In Nepal, elephant patrols are an important part of the anti-poaching effort. Corrals of elephants are stationed with army posts, and protect the wildlife of the region. works to provide education and hands-on assistance to improve the lives of these captive elephants, and ensure that they are trained humanely, and given the medical care they need. Please click today to help care for these working elephants so they can help end poaching!

This campaign is complete.
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Send Comfort to 100 Deployed Soldiers: Completed June 14, 2019

50,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Care packages remind our troops that they remain on our minds and close to our hearts. partners with Operation Support Our Troops-America to stuff thousands of care packages each year with food, toiletries, and letters from community members, making them personal gestures of love that can help boost morale. Your generous clicks bring these much appreciated packages to their deserving recipients.

This campaign is complete.
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Fly Dogs Rescued from the Dog Meat Trade to Safety: Completed June 12, 2019

52,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

We are in need of your help to fly dogs to the United States after being rescued from the Dog Meat Trade. According to Humane Society International (HSI), approximately 30 million dogs are killed across Asia each year as part of the dog meat trade. This trade is known for its cruelty, is largely unregulated, and often illegal. Please click today to help fly these rescued dogs to San Diego to find their forever families.

This campaign is complete.
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Provide a Day of Care to 35 Injured Sea Birds: Completed June 10, 2019

70,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Millions of birds die every year due to injury from fishing (hooks, nets, and lines) and urban wildlife conflicts such as human cruelty, illegal shootings, habitat disruption, starvation, pollution and climate change-induced hazards including algae bloom toxicity. Please click today to help rehabilitate and release injured seabirds.

This campaign is complete.
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