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Help Diabetic Children in Developing Countries

64,000 daily clicks fund this project

One of the most challenging aspects to Diabetes care in developing countries is access to and cost of Diabetes supplies. This is particularly true in the case of monitoring blood glucose, where self-testing is best conducted several times per day. Blood glucose meters, test strips and lancets are often an unaffordable expense for families living on or below the poverty line. The Life for a Child Program (LFAC) assists disadvantaged children and adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes in developing countries, providing insulin, Diabetes supplies and support. Please click today to help children in need of these critical supplies!  Read more


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Recent Projects

Give 450 Books to Kids in Need: Completed April 20, 2018

45,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Books inform and entertain, often at the same time. Ensuring a child has access to books in their homes is associated with positive behavioral, educational, and psychological outcomes. Through your clicks, we will work with our partners to transport high quality books to where they are needed most. Help a child love to read and succeed!

This campaign is complete.
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Save Shelter Animals with The Jackson Galaxy Project: Completed April 18, 2018

42,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Each year, approximately 1.5 million cats and dogs are euthanized in U.S. animal shelters. Most of these animals would make great pets, companions, playmates, and family members, but were overlooked by potential adopters for one reason or another. The Jackson Galaxy Project (JGP) exists to improve the lives of animals at risk by transforming the places they live and helping the people who care for them. The JGP works to end euthanasia by making adoption more attractive to more people. Please click today to help Jackson make a difference for shelter animals in need!

This campaign is complete.
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Sponsor the Safe Birth of 7 Children: Completed April 16, 2018

60,200 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Along the Thai/Burmese border, infant mortality rates spike to 1 in 100 live births—over twice as high as the rest of Thailand. Mae Tao clinic is committed to proving safe childbirths to women on the Thai-Burma border. Thanks to your generous clicks, you can ensure a safe birth for 7 mothers and children.

This campaign is complete.
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Help Fund Mammograms for African Women: Completed April 13, 2018

40,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Breast cancer is no longer a disease found primarily in wealthier countries. All over the world, breast cancer is on the rise. In Sierra Leone, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women.Considering most households in Sierra Leone earn less then $375 a year, mammograms are simply unaffordable for most people. For women at highest risk of the disease, getting a mammogram can be the difference between life and death. In addition to raising money for mammograms, Develop Africa provides much-needed education about risk factors associated with the disease and the importance of early detection. Please click today to help African women in need.

This campaign is complete.
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Provide 4500 Meals for Shelter Animals: Completed April 11, 2018

45,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

One of the biggest expenses for shelters and rescue groups is feeding all the animals in their care. By providing them with free, healthy meals, makes it possible for shelters to focus their energy and limited resources on other important needs — like saving more animals. With the help of our partners, we transport nutritious, high quality pet food to shelters and rescue groups nationwide, where it will help animals stay healthy, happy, and well-fed, so they stand a much better chance of being adopted. Please click to help keep these pets fed while they wait to find their forever homes!

This campaign is complete.
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Fund 16 Days of Research to Save the Sky Islands: Completed April 9, 2018

64,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

The Sky Island mountain ranges that stretch from Arizona and New Mexico to Sonora, Mexico are rich habitats home to a great diversity of animals and plants, from elusive jaguars to turtles, butterflies, lizards, migratory birds and bats, and the endangered Golden Eagle. Unfortunately, these ecosystems in Mexico are vastly understudied, endangering the land and species that exist there. In order to protect the Sky Island ecosystems, we must understand their complexities. Please click today to help fund research of this critical biodiversity hotspot.

This campaign is complete.
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Provide Treats and Comfort Items to 5 Military War Dogs: Completed April 6, 2018

50,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!’s Pets and Vets program is granting support to partners that are sending care packages to military war dogs throughout the world. When they’re out there on the front line, supplies like treats and enrichment toys can help to keep these heroes calm and comfortable, to improve their well-being, and help them do their job. Please click today to send comfort items to military war dogs!

This campaign is complete.
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