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We Are GreaterGood

GreaterGood strives to connect a passionate audience with simple online tools to make the world a better place. We turn your desire to make a difference into tangible, documented support for charities that help people, save pets, and improve the planet. By connecting millions of caring people like you, we have created an online community with real power to change the world.

Real Impact

Act where it matters

GreaterGood is proud to have given more than $50 million to non-profit charities around the world since 1999.

Millions have received help and assistance because of your efforts: hungry families fed, pets rescued, rainforests saved, breast cancer caught and treated, children helped to achieve a brighter future, and so much more.

With so many simple, easy ways to be involved – from a free click to a direct donation that funds a specific program – your smallest actions online matter.

What You Can Do

Small actions, big results

Everything we do at GreaterGood is about you and your passion to make the world a better place. We invite you to explore the network of great charities and good works that make up GreaterGood.

No good action is too small to make a difference. With all the tools at our websites, together the results are greater than ever before. Click every day (it’s free!), shop where it matters, sign a petition, donate what you can, and help us spread the word. You can also visit us at our new store in the Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Just like our online shops, every purchase gives back to a worthy cause!

Every day our community grows larger, and the good that we accomplish together increases. Every day we’re adding new pieces to our story. Subscribe to our newsletters, read our blogs, or join us on Facebook to learn even more about how your actions continue to make difference daily.

Our Story

A legacy of good

The GreaterGood network of websites started with one simple idea: take one action everyone does every day – a click on a website – and turn it into a force for good. The Hunger Site was the first to launch in 1999. Sponsors would pay to have their ads viewed on The Hunger Site’s thank-you page; each click would be recorded and generate sponsor funds, and those funds went directly to charity to provide food for people in need. In the first nine months, the site funded more than nine million pounds of food for the hungry.

During the last decade, GreaterGood has expanded this mission with more “Click To Give” websites and causes, and we’ve added even more tools to help you make a difference in the world. Today and every day, your participation here helps others.

Together we are GreaterGood. Help us make our efforts go even farther.

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