Watch The Heartfelt Reaction of a 16-Year-Old Girl to a Barbie with Down Syndrome

Watch The Heartfelt Reaction of a 16-Year-Old Girl to a Barbie with Down Syndrome

Representation is significant, as it indicates inclusion — symbolizing that a particular person is part of a community. It’s most especially meaningful for children who deem themselves “different” from other kids. For instance, a person with Down syndrome often feels excluded due to their physical attributes and condition. Many of them have struggled with discrimination even at a very young age. It’s saddening to witness kids being looked down upon due to a condition they cannot control. That’s why representation matters because it makes them feel included, seen, understood, and heard. It’s heartwarming to be acknowledged and celebrated without having one's disability ignored. More importantly, it inspires them to dream and see themselves as more than their condition.

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For this reason, Mattel released a Barbie with Down syndrome, which is greatly appreciated by the community. Barbie is an icon — known for her beauty, admirable personality, and various careers. The famous toy is a timeless piece that has caught children's hearts in every generation. For years, she has been an actor, chef, fashion designer, film director, singer, teacher, and so much more. According to reports, Barbie has already represented 150 careers and 40 nationalities. It was more than a marketing strategy, because it taught kids the importance of diversity. Young girls and teenagers from all over the world felt included after Mattel released Barbie versions in different body types, colors, hair, and height.

To be represented by Barbie is a big deal for young girls. Barbie has lived up to the song lyrics from one of her movies: “I’m just like you, you’re just like me.” Lots of kids with Down syndrome must have felt extra happy after Mattel released a Barbie that portrayed them. A woman shared her 16-year-old sister’s reaction on Instagram, and the evident happiness is contagious. Sarah’s post went viral online — Barbie’s Instagram account even commented on Emily's reaction. The video showed Sarah giving her sister Emily a brand-new Barbie doll as she explained what was special about it. Emily couldn’t believe it at first until she opened the box. Her response was so pure and heartfelt that you’ll shed a tear or two.

“For the first time in my life, there’s a doll just like me,” Emily said. She cried happy tears after the realization hit her that people with Down syndrome have their own Barbie dolls. Sarah expressed her gratitude to Mattel by tagging and mentioning them in her post. “Thank you @mattel for making her dreams a reality!” Sarah wrote. It was indeed a dream come true for young girls, especially those who love Barbie. People in the comment section couldn’t help but express their happiness for Emily. “The most heartwarming video!!! Absolutely crying at Emily’s reaction,” torielotchris commented. Aside from celebrating with Emily, others mentioned that they also ordered one for their loved one with Down syndrome.

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Although there are comments regarding Barbie's design, netizens chose to focus on Emily’s joy. “Does she think it looks like the doll has Downs? I saw a pic of the doll the other day online & didn’t think it did...But if she was happy with it, that’s great!” star_gazer_kay wrote. People still acknowledged the gesture that Mattel made a Barbie representation of those with Down syndrome. Share the post with your friends and family, especially if it’s relatable for them. Moreover, Emily's reaction is a reminder of why society shouldn’t discriminate against people just because they are “different.”

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