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Kitty Sapphire

I looked high and low for a black kitten, and I was always a day late and a dollar short. Finally the shelter placed a notice in paper with photos of the residents, and how the shelter was full, and they had plenty of beautiful animals needing a home. There she was - the cutest, prettiest kitten with a smirk on her face. I scrambled to make the adoption and the shelter kept thanking me for taking a black kitten. I simply could not understand at the time, because she was the most beautiful kitten I had ever seen. Later come to learn about stupid superstitions people have for black cats. She is not a 'Halloween' cat or bad luck or evil. Kitty Sapphire is her name and she rules my home with an iron paw. I can't let anything slip past this one and I spend lots of time seeking treats and food and toys she will like, otherwise I am up the creek. Kitty Sapphire has taught me compassion, patience (bad litter box habits), and love, and I am blessed to care for such an amazing creature.

D.G. Sifuentes