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Collection: Buy a Blanket or Scarf, Give a Blanket

Wool Textiles That Change Lives

For every blanket purchased, a blanket is donated to a person or pet in war-torn Ukraine. Each blanket, proudly crafted in Kharkiv, Ukraine, not only provides warmth but also creates valuable work opportunities.

Together we donated over 36,000 blankets in 2023

Artisan Highlight

VLADI Blankets: Woven With Care and Comfort

With a rich heritage dating back to 1933, VLADI manufacturing has become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and superior quality. From sourcing the finest materials to the final finishing touches, every step of the manufacturing process is marked by precision and attention to detail. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and adhering to strict quality control standards, VLADI ensures that customers receive the finest wool plaids and blankets.

Warming Hearts and Homes

Timeless & Functional

Crafted with quality and versatility to offer both warmth and style for years.

Machine Washable

Easy to clean at home with cold water. No need to take it in to get dry cleaned!

Economic Opportunity

Your purchase supports jobs for Ukrainians, providing economic relief in times of crisis.