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Save California's Majestic Redwood Forest!
Help Protect A Majestic Redwood Forest Richardson Grove, an old-growth forest in northern California, is facing a potential tragedy: The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has proposed an expansion of Highway 101 into this fragile ecosystem. This majestic forest harbors countless species of animal and plant life, including some of the tallest redwood trees in the world. Disturbing land nearby would distress old-growth roots and jeopardize the future health of the entire grove.

Caltrans hasn't revealed how much harm could come to Richardson Grove during this project. Before it proceeds, demand that Caltran ensure that its roadwork won't negatively affect the future of this irreplaceable natural treasure.
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Don't Let The GOP
De-Green Congress
Speaker of the House John Boehner has reversed previously-standing efforts to make Congress an eco-conscious entity. We want progress!
Make Congress Green
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Wild Tigers Face Extinction!
Without rigorous regulation, wild tigers worldwide may be extinct by 2020. Spring into action now!
Tigers Face Death
Tell Obama: Increase MPG Standards!
Instating a 60-MPG standard would force the automobile industry--and the public--to decrease its dependency on environmentally destructive transportation.
Raise MPG Standards
Help Animal Victims Of Natural Disasters
When disaster strikes, whether as a storm, flood, fire, or earthquake, animals (just like people) need rescue and relocation.

Animals & Disasters
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