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Plant Flowers to Save Bees & Other Natural Wildlife

Plant Flowers to Save Bees & Other Natural Wildlife

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🐝 Why Bees Are the "Bee's Knees": 🐝

Bees are an essential and vital part of our ecosystem. Our agricultural system relies heavily upon bees to do their part -- in fact approximately 75% of fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the United States are pollinated by bees! These tiny but mighty insects don't only pollinate out food, but are estimated to be responsible for pollinating 80% of the world's flowers.

Our friend Steve planting flowers.Our friend Steve getting ready to plant flowers.
This impact isn't just agricultural, it's also economical. Farms, apiaries and other businesses rely on honey bees to keep their business alive and thriving. Despite being a vital part of our - and the world's - ecosystems, bees are struggling to survive.

The Situation:

Bees are losing their main source of nutrition: nectar and pollen from flowers.

flower plantingSeeds from our most recent planting.
The loss of flowers is due to habitat destruction that ranges from deforestation to natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires and drought. Bees are struggling to find the nutrition they need to survive. Butterflies and birds also rely on flowers as a source of sustenance and are struggling to thrive in regions that have been affected by habitat loss.

One area in need is the Florida panhandle where Hurricane Michael hit hard in 2018. The panhandle is still feeling the after effects of this horrible disaster, where many of the pollen producing flowers have died as a result. The area was home to around 1 billion bees and millions of flowers. Beekeepers in the area are, and have been, doing as much as they can to save the colonies by planting trees and flowers at their own expense to bring back bees and beauty to the area. Despite the valiant effort of beekeepers, the bee population has yet to recover. The flowers that are planted would also support other wildlife such as butterflies, and birds that rely on nectar from flowers for food!

flower plantingAfter a recent planting to help bees!

How To Help:

"BEE" the difference for these fluttering friends of ours! Bees depend on flowers for nectar and pollen to take back to their colonies. Let's help them by planting flowers in areas that have been hit by natural disasters or in communities where the bee population is struggling.

Over 100K has been given to help the bee population.Over 100K has been given to help the bee population.
When you decide to help we will work with local experts to get hundreds of pounds of native and non-GMO seeds, both annual and perennial, planted in a area that will help our fluttering friends including bees, birds, and butterflies. These budding beauties will supply nectar that allows wildlife to survive and flourish. Your support also contributes to the funding of labor for these wonderful projects, of flower planting, all over the U.S. and ensure that the seeds are being planted properly! Join us in this movement to replant pollen and nectar sources!


[alt text here]


Plantings You've Helped Support:

  • The Willamette Valley in Oregon- 16 acres were planted and the Bee Girl has already seen an increase in the bee population in the area!
  • We partnered with The Bee Girl Organization (TBGO) to plant wildflowers at a Vineyard in Oregon. Vineyards are self-pollinating and don't require insect pollination. This creates an unfortunate trend of vineyards being synonymous with "pollination deserts." TBGO requested that they decrease spraying, eliminate mowing, and start planting wildflowers. The vineyard followed their instructions, resulting in an inspiring success. The population of bees increased from 2020 to 2021 and wildflowers that have been dormant for 15 years started to emerge!
[alt text here]
[alt text here]
  •  Southern Arizona in the Borderlands region - this planting provided a pollinator refuge for our pollinating friends!


Other important information:


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  • You will be charged all required taxes for your location. Save your receipt and consult your tax professional to determine if you're able to claim this purchase as a tax-deductible donation expense.
  • GreaterGood has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of Benefit Buy contributions based upon what the receiving organization needs the most. We will always contribute products of equal or greater value. Contributions may be distributed as cash or may be used to help other charity partners depending on the greatest need.
  • GreaterGood is proud to help provide this opportunity to plant flowers in areas that are in need. We are 20 Years Strong, and we couldn't have done it without your support--thank you!



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Francie R.
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I’ve worn my Spirit Top many times to different places; work, parties, around the house, family gatherings. Comfort, versatile. Dress it up w/ necklace, etc. Or casual. Cool, NOT itchy. Loose, comfy, stylish.. Win/win!

Love to Donate

It was so devastating to see so many bees destroyed because of the murder hornet. We need bees for our survival.

Caroline B.
Bee-ing There - For You, For Me and For the Greater Good of Us All

I made the decision to donate in memory of a dear friend who lost her second round of metastatic breast cancer after 15 clean years. She was a huge supporter of animals and making the world better through nature. I know she would approve of this gift that keeps on giving to the life eternal of the planet. We are in need and this type of care which is one more step in the right direction. I am delighted that Greater Good offers this. The announcement has been posted on the obit page of my friend - as per attached.