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Funded - Save Seraphim's Skin From Mange

Funded - Save Seraphim's Skin From Mange

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Sweet Seraphim was abandoned in a park in desperate need of medical care. Suffering from malnutrition, she had terrible demodectic mange, fleas and deep lacerations in her head and neck.

Seraphim's wounds were immediately flushed and sutured. Unfortunately, her mange has caused significant damage to her fur and skin, and she'll need up to two months of rehabilitation with medicated baths, antibiotics and nourishing food to heal. Then, Seraphim will spend time in a loving foster home where she can socialize and grow.

Despite the terrible pain and discomfort Seraphim has endured in her short life, her trusting, loving nature persists. She needs YOU to heal and grow into the dog she's always wanted to be, and to learn that love and happiness are out there for her.

Help Seraphim live pain-free!

  • Location: Kentucky
  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
  • Age: 3 months
  • Medical Problem: Demodectic mange, lacerations, infection
  • Treatment: Intensive care and medication

    You can help sweet Seraphim begin her treatment. Your support will not only give her the hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover the ongoing care she will need.

    Help us meet our goal of $3,000 to heal Seraphim's injuries. Funds raised over the goal amount will go to supporting Greater Good Charities' life-saving programs.


    This donation is virtual and you will not receive a shipment. A tax receipt will be included in your order confirmation email.

    Important Info

    100% of your Gift That Gives More™ donation will go as a charitable gift to Greater Good Charities. GreaterGood stores pay the credit card transaction fee, so every cent of your donation goes to charity.

    Greater Good Charities has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of Greater Good Charities.
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    Customer Reviews

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    The most wonderful feeling

    I donated to the recovery fund of this little baby, and although the amount I could give was not big, the feeling I got sure was. I felt closer to this puppy and committed to her recovery and most of all, I felt that I got a chance to make a tiny difference in her life.