Bride Uninvites Acquaintance as Wedding Guest But Still Expects an Expensive Gift

Bride Uninvites Acquaintance as Wedding Guest But Still Expects an Expensive Gift

Giving presents to the newlywed couple is a gesture that celebrates their new life together. Most of those gifts are for their new house, couple items, travel vouchers, or necessities they might use in the future. It’s important to consider the bride's and the groom's preferences. That’s why the search for the perfect gift might be a bit difficult — you don’t want to disappoint the husband and wife. Sometimes guests don’t have to worry about finding one when there is a wedding gift registry. It’s a list of the items both of them would want to have — a wish list often registered on a website or a retail store.

The couple would expect a lot from their family and friends, especially those from their entourage. If you are an acquaintance or a colleague, you don’t have to worry too much about whether your gift is expensive or not. However, Then-Cupcake2999 had this issue with a bride named Molly, who invited him although they’re only acquaintances. The Redditor was not even friends or related to her groom. Out of respect, OP accepted the invitation, and he already thought about the present he’d bring to the wedding. Then-Cupcake2999 has a good career and is very well-off, which means he can afford expensive gifts.

“So I spoke with Molly and her fiancé and promised them a custom-made gaming pc since they game together. They were very happy and thanked me a lot. The price of the pc would come out to be a little over $1500, not counting the monitor I was willing to throw in,” OP shared. Everything was set until Molly had to uninvite him due to cost-cutting. “She apologized but assured me it was only because of cost. I was upset but let it go. Then I found out a week or so later from a mutual acquaintance that was still going that Molly told her she had to cut people because she needed the invites for some of the groom’s family who decided to come,” he explained.

Molly lied, and it did not sit right with OP, so he never gave the $1500 gaming computer. Also, as an acquaintance, he’s not required to give such lavish gifts. No issue arose after OP made his choice, but two weeks after the wedding, he got a message from Molly. She asked for an update about the computer — after everything, Molly still waited for that gift, which was a bit off. “I asked if we could call, and she said yes. I told her that since I didn’t go to the wedding that I wasn’t going to get her a gift. We had a long argument, where she said I was being petty and that I was holding it against her that I couldn’t come and that I made a promise. I didn’t tell her what I knew because I wanted to protect the person who told me,” Then-Cupcake2999 wrote.

Molly also told their mutual friends about the “wrongdoings” OP did. Some understood where he was coming from, while others defended Molly. Due to the mixed reactions he got, OP cannot help but wonder if he was actually petty. He knew he made the right decision but just needed validation from an unbiased perspective. Mindless-Locksmith76 commented, “Wedding presents are commonly given by wedding guests and close family & friends. You weren't any of those things. And on that note, you aren't particularly close, so why did she invite you, other than for your generous reputation? Seems to me she tried to pull a fast one and failed.”

Redditors couldn’t help but write lengthy opinions about Molly’s entitled mindset. Most of the comments you’ll read are on OP’s side, and he even replied to those who needed clarification. Many were confused about why he was invited in the first place if they were not close. “Well, we're part of the same circles, we've gotten closer over the past year, and she invited some people from our friend group. I made the initial cut, I guess. Plus, I guess she did hear about my gift giving,” Then-Cupcake2999 replied to Mindless-Locksmith76.

He also added an edited part on his post, properly explaining why the issue was not about being uninvited but because Molly lied. Moreover, he thanked those who gave helpful and meaningful insights about the situation. The comment section certainly was filled with opinions that are worth the read. You also might want to share your take on the issue and engage with other Redditors.

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