Redditor Undergoes Chemotherapy, and Yet All Her Boyfriend Cares About Are Meal Preps

Redditor Undergoes Chemotherapy, and Yet All Her Boyfriend Cares About Are Meal Preps

Cancer can drain a person’s life due to the disease’s terrible impacts on the body. It’s mentally and physically exhausting to deal with cancer every day. As your body weakens, anxiety will consume your mind — hopeless thoughts that make you scared for your life. Fighting the deadly disease can be more tiring as you undergo treatments. Chemotherapy can cause fatigue as the process decreases red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. For this reason, cancer patients are advised to rest and not overwork themselves to recharge well. Family members and friends must understand that although they are physically functioning, rest is a vital part of recovery.

A cancer patient needs all the support and consideration from their loved ones. Avoid stressful situations as they can worsen exhaustion after chemo sessions. It is the responsibility of family and friends to ensure their minds and body are in a safe space. However, a Redditor’s boyfriend might have forgotten how severe cancer is, or he’s just really an inconsiderate partner. Felfeyyy is a thirty-one-year-old cancer patient diagnosed with synovial sarcoma. She has been receiving treatments since January, including Ifosfamide chemotherapy. Her sessions last eight hours which is required five days a week, every three weeks.

OP shared how tiring the procedure she’s been going through is, but it became more stressful due to her boyfriend. Despite being aware of her health condition, he asks for favors such as making meal preps for him. Felfeyyy could not reject the request because she knew it would start an argument. The boyfriend was adamant to get “yes” as an answer — completely disregarding OP’s feelings. She wrote, “I started to become agitated because if I’m being honest, I want to feel coddled and taken care of during this time in my life, not pushed to do chores. It’s not as if he was asking for a single meal, he wanted his entire week’s worth of food made by me after being in the hospital for 10 hours.”

She also mentioned that her boyfriend does not have a hectic schedule — he has unjustifiable reasons. “I think his point is that he still wants to be taken care of as well, which is understandable, but it’s not as if I never do anything for him. Whenever he is at my place, I offer any food I have on hand, will cook meals or make a sandwich depending on the day,” Felfeyyy shared. He got mad when she suggested that he could prepare meals by himself. OP received angry texts as the boyfriend defended his behavior. According to him, acts of service is his love language, and he claimed that their relationship is one-sided.

Her boyfriend clearly has some waking up to do — he’s old enough to understand that he won’t always be the priority. Netizens were furious at the treatment OP has received, which gained her 5.2k upvotes and 1.7k comments. “NTA. Your BF is absolutely right that your relationship is one-sided. You’re the only one putting in effort. Dump him and concentrate on you. Cancer isn’t just a physical battle but a mental and emotional one as well. You don’t need his BS on top of everything else!” EverElizabeth wrote. Strangers from the internet were more understanding than the actual person closest to her. Moreover, cancer being a severe illness is general knowledge, and no one needs to explain that to him.

PorkNJellyBeans commented, “NTA. The 'temperamental moods' issue is concerning. You need to think long and hard about investing any more time in this relationship. You shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells around your partner.” The boyfriend is definitely showing red flags, and Felfeyyy doesn’t need to be around such a person. OP needs to be surrounded by genuine love and care. People that can boost positivity and hope are the ones she should be hanging around with. Perhaps her healing journey also includes breaking up with a toxic person that is as horrible as cancer itself. Go ahead and give OP supportive comments under her post. Help her ease her mind and validate her decision that rest is more important than meal preps for her boyfriend.

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