Family Vacation Gone Wrong Due to the Husband’s Issue with His Wife’s Sleeping Schedule

Family Vacation Gone Wrong Due to the Husband’s Issue with His Wife’s Sleeping Schedule

Vacation breaks are highly anticipated by adults, especially those who juggle multiple responsibilities. They finally have the chance to relax for a while and not navigate a hectic schedule. Taking breaks is vital for mental and physical health purposes. If you work nonstop, your body might break down — causing more complications in your daily life. It’s even more important when someone is depending on you. For instance, mothers with a month-old baby. Sleepless nights are inevitable when caring for an infant. They have to be fully attentive to ensure the child’s safety and that their needs are immediately provided for, even at night. That’s why mothers are entitled to have extra sleeping hours whenever they can. No one should call them out for resting, especially on a well-deserved vacation.

However, such sleeping schedules became an issue between a couple. The wife shared the story on Reddit, which has gained the interest of other Redditors. According to her story, the issue began during their family vacation with their relatives. Her husband finds it unacceptable that her idea of a vacation is sleeping through the morning. It was caused by the fact that in their country, everyone wakes up at 5 am or 7 am. Lumpy_Scientist_5466 wakes up between 8:30 am to 9 am, which is totally reasonable.

“The reason why I sleep in is because I take care of our 6-month baby at night; she wakes up 2 times a night and is able to sleep instantly after a feed. But I have pretty bad insomnia, so after each wake up, I have trouble falling asleep, so I'm up for an extra hour. I would force myself to wake up at 8/9 because I can hear the relatives all awake and I feel weird not being there,” she wrote. OP’s husband kept on expressing his disapproval through backhanded comments. He kept on mentioning his wife waking up late and saying that everybody was waiting for her. It annoyed OP even more because she was grouchy due to lack of sleep.

Her husband knows what always keeps her up at night and yet makes her feel bad about sleeping. OP’s aware that it’s a family vacation, but how can she enjoy it without proper sleep? Also, they’re on vacation, so it’s only right to relax and move at their own pace. “NTA. It sounds like your husband is volunteering to do the 2am feed. I would point blank and ask him if he will wake up with the baby at 2am. If it's that important you're up at six, then he needs to start sharing the night feed with you. Honestly, it sounds like he should be helping more anyway if he's that alert,” tifftack14 commented. Indeed, they should take turns with the baby if the husband couldn’t stop complaining about OP’s sleeping schedule.

“I know you’re seeing in-laws, but you’re also on a holiday and should be spending that time to unwind and relax, especially if you’re caring for a young child. You being tired is just going to lead to you dropping the ball, not wanting to socialise, and just stress you out more than you need to. You’re not waking up at 2pm, you still get plenty of time to spend with his family,” AOCismydomme advised. OP deserves to have a vacation the way she likes it.

The husband should be more considerate since she’s working hard to keep their child comfortable. Surely, the relatives would also understand the struggle of not functioning well due to insufficient sleep. OP’s problem with her husband is a reminder that sensitivity is vital in a relationship. Think of the why and not always the what.

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