A Guy Turned a Fun Painting Class Into a Creative Marriage Proposal in a Viral Video

A Guy Turned a Fun Painting Class Into a Creative Marriage Proposal in a Viral Video

Trying out new hobbies is important for couples to find something they both enjoy. Such activities can be an alternative for dinner or movie dates. You don’t only get to have fun, but you can learn more about each other. You’ll get a glimpse of their sporty, artsy, or any other side that you haven’t seen yet. Pick a hobby that will engage you both — where you can feel proud of the progress and laugh at each other’s rookie mistakes. From archery to pottery, couples have a lot of activities to choose from. Nurturing a relationship does not only require love but also growth from one another. You’ll never know where attending classes can take your relationship unless you try.

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Painting is a hobby that many people are interested in and passionate about. It’s a therapeutic way of expressing feelings and a fun way to show creativity. Since a lot of people want to hone their creative side, there are art studios that offer painting classes. The activity is also a perfect bonding experience for couples. You can attend for a day or attend weekly classes. Fascinatingly, for one guy, he had other plans aside from exploring his artistic side with his girlfriend. He actually expressed his feelings in both splashes of color and letters. In a viral Instagram video, the guy turned a painting class into a remarkable moment for him and his beloved partner.

The couple attended a painting class where at the end of the session they had to show their artwork. The two stood with their paintings in hand in front of the other students or art teachers, waiting to show their work. The couple revealed their artwork at the same time, and the guy shocked everyone with his true intention. He planned a painting proposal, which his girlfriend was unaware of as she stood proudly with her artwork. The moment was indeed funny and sweet, then it became heartwarming when his partner finally gave attention to his surprise and the ring inside a box.

Everyone cheered for them, including the internet. The Fleur de Lis Gift & Home Instagram reel gained 12.3 million views, 2 million likes, and nearly 2k comments. The comment section was filled with adoration for the creative marriage proposal and the girlfriend who adorably showcased her painting. “She was doing a victory lap for that painting. This is adorable,” mannischewitz commented. It was indeed a memorable painting class at Fleur de Lis Gift & Home. You can never really go wrong with romance and art by your side. Share the marriage proposal video with your loved ones. Someone might need inspiration to finally ask the question, which hopefully will be answered with a yes.

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