Relationship Problems Arise Between a Couple Due to Their Remote Work Setup

Relationship Problems Arise Between a Couple Due to Their Remote Work Setup

The past few years proved that a remote work setup is as efficient as working on-site. Work is still submitted, issues are given solutions, and meetings are accomplished, although everyone is not in the same room or building. As long as you have a reliable computer, internet, and a comfortable workspace, you can opt for a job that offers remote work. It is certainly convenient, especially when you don’t have to deal with traffic ever again. You can go straight to work even in your pajamas. Remote work is beneficial, but it does not mean issues won’t occur anymore. Your internet connection might become slow, technical difficulties may arise, or a power outage may unexpectedly happen.

For this reason, a backup plan is vital so you can still work comfortably. However, there are instances when a problem is difficult to solve, especially when it involves a person. If you don’t have a separate office at home, you might face trouble with those you live with. Some housemates will respect your boundaries, while others will take advantage of your arrangement. Stressydepressy31 shared an issue on an AITA Reddit post regarding a partner who might have forgotten the meaning of boundaries. OP and the partner are both in a remote work setup. The only difference is that the partner works hybrid, but they have already established a work arrangement at home.

“This is very petty, but we need some help. I work fully remotely, and my partner is hybrid. We have two desks, one with a monitor and one without. Through their job, my partner gets funding to buy home office electronics (like second monitors) and priced them out but then never bought one. It's been nearly six months. They're 'perfectly content using mine' when they're at home,” OP explained. Lending them the monitor was alright, but it came to a point that the habit disturbed OP’s schedule. Stressydepressy needs a second monitor, mainly when there’s a meeting, since the laptop at home doesn’t have a camera.

“Today, we have overlapping meetings and both want the desk. I said I need it. It's my second monitor from my job, and we are having a big meeting with our project funders. My partner also needs it. They have a big meeting with another dept. I basically said, tough luck, this is why you should have gotten a second monitor. They said, let's find a way to compromise,” OP wrote. The partner wanted them to meet in the middle, although the solution is pretty simple. They have to invest in a second monitor, since they don't work at the same company. OP is drawing a line on when the partner can use the second monitor but couldn’t shake the feeling that it might make the setup difficult for them.

Amidst OP's having second thoughts about their response to the issue, Redditors alleviate Stressydepressy’s worries by validating opinions. “NTA - you’re not prioritizing your work over your partner's. Your partner has failed to prioritize their own work for the last half year and is being pissy because you’re setting a boundary today,” Filosifee commented. To which Onlyhereforthebacon replied, “Let's not forget to point out that They Are Given Funds, to buy the equipment needed.” The partner shouldn’t make things more complicated just because they refuse to buy another monitor. Couples must understand each other’s circumstances and reflect on whether they are being unreasonable.

Redditors couldn’t help but post lengthy comments about OP’s situation. The partner was indeed infuriating and must take a moment to realize OP’s being inconvenienced. Stressydepressy shouldn’t ever worry about complicating things because boundaries are significant even for couples. Help OP make a stand by commenting below the post. Supportive comments are important when others cannot validate their decisions due to the fear of inconveniencing someone else.

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