Grieving Redditor Evicted Her Roommates After They Threw a Party and Disrespected Her Boundaries

Grieving Redditor Evicted Her Roommates After They Threw a Party and Disrespected Her Boundaries

Setting boundaries is healthy for any kind of relationship. People need to know when to draw the line to avoid conflict with the other person. That’s why communication is important to provide awareness. When a friend, colleague, or family member informs you about those boundaries, you must listen and remember. You also have the right to set your personal boundaries. Respect begets respect. More importantly, it is immensely vital when you share a house with others. Whether your roommates are friends or family, the relationship might be put at risk due to lack of consideration. You need harmony to actually live together. So, it’s best to listen and observe to see how different lifestyles can meet in the middle.

Most roommates draw the line when it comes to privacy. It’s not always easy to live with others, but it can work by respecting private matters. Apart from that, roommates must consider each other’s situation before making decisions about the house. For example, you must inform your roommates before inviting a friend over. You should ask if it’s alright with them or does it affect their privacy. Another decision that will either risk the living arrangements or tighten the bond is the decision to throw parties. Consent is vital, mainly when the other person feels uncomfortable with loud music and booze. A no is a no, and that is what a Redditor’s roommates chose to ignore. Due to their lack of respect, they immediately lost a home.

They became housemates as OP needed another person to shoulder the rent with her. Sudden-Disk284 went through a tough time after losing her husband and the father of her three kids. He passed away while undergoing heart surgery. Since then, OP planned ways to support the family all by herself. “I'd never had a job, and, admittedly, I didn't even have my license. It was tough from every single angle, but in short, I needed help, so I decided to let my best friend 'Jesse' (30m) and his wife 'Kim' (29f) move in to a spare room to help pay rent. I immediately went for my license (passed first try) and quickly got a job,” she shared.

OP incredibly figured out how to navigate daily life as a single mom. She also had some help from her parents, as they babysit her kids. Sudden-Disk284 is undeniably a strong woman — handling life well while still grieving her husband’s demise. She had to be tough, not just for herself but also for her kids. They had difficulty knowing that their dad won’t come back anymore. For this reason, her roommates kept on pushing her to party once in a while. They figured that OP needed some time away from reality. However, she kept on telling them that she was uncomfortable with the idea.

Aside from the fact that she’s still grieving, Sudden-Disk284 is anxious about being around guys and drinking. She explained that it was due to unhealed childhood trauma and that she’s been talking about it with her therapist. With all her reasons, her friends should’ve stopped and just listened to her. Instead, they went on with their plans while OP and her children were not at home. “Well, I picked my girls up from soccer practice yesterday and brought them out for ice cream. We got home around 6pm, and there were 4 or 5 unknown cars in my driveway, and I could hear the music blaring. I walk inside to find easily 10+ people, mostly men, drinking, dancing and partying with my roommates,” she wrote.

The situation frustrated OP, so she turned off the music and asked everyone to leave. To make matters worse, her friends displayed unapologetic behavior as they called her “poor sport.” But they were clearly in the wrong, especially when OP’s kids were almost surrounded by strange drunken men. Their behavior was unacceptable, so OP decided to evict them. If they can’t respect her and her three children, then they should probably acquire a place of their own. OP rejected their idea over and over with good reason, yet they weren’t mature enough to refrain. Her ex-roommates did not even apologize and still had the audacity to be mad at her. OP gave them a seven-day notice, which was indicated on the lease.

Redditors filled the comment section with validating opinions. They also praised her for being resilient and true to her words. “NTA. Drunk strangers are not safe around children, end of story,” Pauscha580 commented. OP definitely had the right to be mad, especially because she does not want her girls to experience trauma just like her. The safety of her kids was put at risk — her reaction was completely justifiable. “NTA, OP. Not even a tiny bit. Even if you didn't have the trauma that you have, and the grief that you have, it's still not okay for any roommates to have a big party in a shared home without everyone who lives there agreeing to it ahead of time. The fact that there is so much more to your situation makes your roommates' actions all the more horrible and thoughtless. Good riddance to them,” schoobydoo42 wrote.

Aside from validation, netizens wrote comforting messages. OP certainly did not deserve to have entitled roommates after everything she went through. “NTA. Your roommates and their friends are late 20s/early 30s, and their 'need to party' is more important to them than your expressed wishes to take it easy in that department and to grieve the loss of your husband? Some friends. Tell them to grow up,” seidinove said. Friends who genuinely care would bring the party somewhere else. It’s terribly insensitive to have fun at a house with people grieving a loved one’s death. The majority of the comment section might be on OP’s side, but others also pointed out her faults. Some loopholes and details need attention, primarily the questionable seven-day eviction notice. You might want to read the discussion to add your opinion.

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