A Guy Called His Wife Selfish for Wanting to Celebrate Her Birthday Vacation Alone

A Guy Called His Wife Selfish for Wanting to Celebrate Her Birthday Vacation Alone

A woman’s role at home greatly contributes to a community’s foundation. Their hard work brings students to school, husbands arrive at work with well-pressed uniforms, and they even participate in organizations and community-based projects. Wives and mothers certainly do have a lot on their plate — some of them juggle daily errands even with a day job. A homemaker's impeccable multitasking skill should always be acknowledged. Do not forget to express gratitude for the efforts they put in starting as soon as the sun rises. It’s one of the most unselfish roles in society and deserves to be respected. Whatever they wish during their special day, whether it’s their birthday or Mother’s Day, should be given to them.

Although they have inspiring roles, being a wife and a mother can be exhausting. Their job to care for their children and their husband can be draining. They spend most of their days attending to every need, and they often forget about themselves. Sometimes birthday gifts aren’t enough to recharge them — alone time is vital. For this reason, Suspicious_Light_190 asked for alone time during her birthday vacation. Her husband took it the wrong way and even suggested that OP should write a Reddit post to see her faults. However, netizens knew that he was the one being unreasonable. OP explained everything in her post. She defended her birthday wish and her right to go on a vacation.

The couple have been together for twelve years, yet he still had the audacity to wrongly accuse her. They have three children, which OP takes care of every day. “My partner has two responsibilities in terms of the house. He walks the dogs in the morning, and he goes to work full-time (8-6). More often than not, he falls asleep at 8pm. He works in IT,” Suspicious_Light_190 wrote. “We have three children (7, 4, 2), and I am fully responsible for their care, as well as every household duty: laundry, cooking, cleaning. I am a SAHM, but I am also self-employed, so after I look after the children all day, I then work for a couple of hours on my laptop.”

As her birthday approached, she asked her husband if she could take a week-long break by herself. She also pointed out that he could use his PTO to have some days off and manage the house while she’s away. OP’s husband immediately reacted and called her out for being selfish. “My partner hasn't done a load of laundry in ten years. He cooks dinner 'occasionally' (2x a month). He doesn't hoover, mop, or mow lawns. I get it - he's tired, and he works full time, but I work too, and I don't feel appreciated. I just want a week where I don't have to placate a crying child or stop the toddler from running into traffic or worry about everyone else's good time while sacrificing my own,” OP shared.

Suspicious_Light_190 still hasn’t experienced having a moment to herself. She just wanted to pamper and recharge away the exhaustion. Redditors understood her side — proving the husband wrong. FlagCityDiva commented, “NTA. There is nothing wrong about wanting time alone and being responsible for only yourself. In fact, it could be beneficial for everyone. When people burn out, it affects everyone around them. If your partner is adamant about a whole week being too much, perhaps they'll be amenable to a three-day weekend. I hope you get a much-needed break.” Indeed, it’s difficult to be of service to others when you are not fully functioning at all. Working nonstop might even lead to illnesses and other health complications. The husband should be reminded that OP is his wife and not a paid maid or nanny.

“Running a household while juggling children is a job. And I say this because I’m living that life. There are no days off, no sick days, and you're on call 24/7. Why can't you get a week off? And tbh, your husband needs to do more, especially for his kids on regular days,” LetPrior7218 wrote. There should be a justifiable division of labor in OP’s household. Although the husband is employed, he must shoulder some responsibility as a father. Couples are supposed to work side by side — superiority should be out the window. Hopefully, OP has already voiced her concerns and knocked some sense into her husband’s mind. She undoubtedly deserves a week-long break from everything. Drop a comment below her post to support her birthday wish.

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