Feed & Care For Shelter Pets

Signature Programs That Feed & Care For Shelter Pets

At the heart of GreaterGood's mission to help people, pets, and the planet is a rich variety of effective, carefully-vetted charitable programs. Several of our Signature Programs focus on amplifying the good by feeding and caring for shelter pets.

Every day, when you click the "Click to Give" button on GreaterGood or The Animal Rescue Site or play Games that Give and Trivia to Give, GreaterGood funds food and supplies for shelter pets.

Learn more about all our signature programs that Feed & Care for Shelter Pets below and how they are improving the lives of shelter pets.  See updates from these important programs here.


Signature Programs

Feeding Hungry Shelter Pets

The GOODS program, formally known as Rescue Bank, was started in 2011 by Greater Good Charities to help distribute donated pet food to animal shelters across the country. Since the beginning, GreaterGood and The Animal Rescue Site have helped feed hungry shelter pets. 

We continue to support the program that has expanded to provide food and essential supplies to pets and people in need. GOODS supports animal rescue and rehabilitation groups by providing services and supplies to improve their standards of care. Donated pet food, supplies, and other items are distributed through GOODS’ extensive distribution network including animal welfare organizations. 

The GOODS Program uses a fee arrangement similar to a food bank model. That is, the goods are donated, but freight, warehouse, and program costs are met by handling fees and donations.

This life-saving program has provided over 500 million meals, millions of dollars worth of animal care supplies, and critical aid to animals across all 50 states. 

Shelters do their best to feed and care for all the animals in their care, but they need help. Every time you answer trivia questions on Freekibble and participate in one of our annual food drives (Shelter Bowl, National Feed a Rescue Pet Week, Giving Tuesday Pet Food Drive) you help feed hungry shelter pets. Pet food donations are distributed by GOODS to animal shelters in need. Give now!


Rebuilding & Refurbishing Shelters

Since its founding in 2007, GreaterGood and The Animal Rescue Site have supported Rescue Rebuild. This innovative program helps renovate shelters around the country with help from volunteers and donations from GreaterGood and people like you!

The team travels to selected shelters to take projects from concept to creation to improve both the lives of humans and animals.

At animal shelters the crew strives to make it a welcoming space that encourages people to interact with the adoptable pets. Another goal is to enrich the lives of the shelter pets through play yards and free-roaming cat rooms & outdoor enclosures. Most of the shelters are in rural areas and extremely underfunded.

Since 2007, Rescue Rebuild has been to 49 states and with the help of over 6,200 volunteers has been able to rebuild 175 shelters. The program works with animal shelters, domestic violence shelters, homeless & veteran housing, and wild animal sanctuaries. See how you can help! 


Formula Kits for Kittens & Puppies

Newborn kittens and puppies who arrive at shelters without their mom need 24-hour care and formula to survive. Our Formula Kits help by supplying shelters with the bottles and formula they desperately need. 

Shelters and rescues around the country become overwhelmed with unwanted and orphaned kittens starting early spring until late fall in a time known as “kitten season”.

In addition to the influx of kittens and cats, shelters also see a rise in orphaned puppies. These newborns require a lot of extra care and must be bottle fed with special formula every couple of hours. 

Countless kittens and puppies survived those first critical weeks thanks to dedicated fosters, shelter staff, and our Formula kits.



Shelter Care Packs

Shelters spend their limited budgets on food and medical care, leaving nothing for “extras”. Our array of shelter packs provide essential supplies like stainless steel bowls, joint supplements for senior pets, soft treats, and cozy blankets. 

Nourishment Packs also include nutritious pet food so shelters can use their funds to cover medical costs for animals in their care.

In addition to our Nourishment Packs, we have individual packs for Senior Dogs, Senior Cats, Feral Cats, and many more.

As you can see, your actions can make a huge difference in the lives of shelter pets.

Remember to click daily at GreaterGood.com to continue to help with vital projects around the world. Together we change the world!


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Updates From the Field

Florida Animal Shelter Makeover 


Thanks to your daily clicksshopping at The Animal Rescue Site, and donations we were also able to help cover some of the costs of renovations  performed by Rescue Rebuild at Gulf Coast Humane Society. We also supplied the animal shelter with pallets of much-needed dog and cat food and tasty treats.



Shelter Bowl - 2023


We surpassed our goal for our 8th Annual Shelter Bowl thanks to generous people like you. A total of 3.6 million meals were funded for shelter pets like Montana! This will help feed hungry dogs and cats until they find forever homes. 



Holiday Food Drive-2022

Thanks to your generosity, through the holidays we were able to provide an additional 3,078,920 bowls of food through our Holiday Food Drive for Shelter Pets. 

Take a look at all the ways your support helped shelter pets in 2022 by clicking here. 




Wool Blankets to Keep Pets Warm- Winter 2022


25,000 blankets, made in Kharkiv, will be distributed to help people and pets in Ukraine stay warm through freezing winter temperatures.  




Pet Food For Ukrainian Pets- 2022


2.2 million meals have been funded to feed Ukrainian pets and shelter animals. 




National Feed A Rescue Pet Week -2022

Your support of the sixth annual National Feed A Rescue Pet Week raised over 3 million meals for shelter pets.

This will help countless shelters dogs and cats around the country. The shelters will be able to spend the saved money on medical care and other essentials for the homeless animals. We couldn't have done it without your support, so thank you!


United Pet Food for Ukraine Donation - 2022

The Animal Rescue Site and Greater Good Charities are working with United Pet Foods in Poland, one of the largest European dry pet food manufacturers, to provide cat and dog food to refugee pets and animal shelters in Ukraine.

The first truckloads filled with nearly 100 tons of pet food was recently distributed to hungry dogs and cats. An additional 70-100 tons of pet food will be delivered on a weekly basis to shelters and bordering countries to help make sure no pet goes hungry. Thank you for your support! 


Kitten Formula & Pet Food Donation -2022

Palm Valley Animal Society cares for thousands of kittens during Kitten Season and just received enough formula to care for the little felines for a few months. This allows them to spend their limited budget on medical bills and supplies. 

With your help, we also sent pallets of pet food and supplies to help feed homeless pets and those in the community who have fallen on hard times. At the recent food drive, more than 15,000 pounds of pet food was handed out as well as flea and tick collars. 


Rebuild Animal Shelter Damaged By Hurricane Delta & Pet Supplies -2021

After Hurricane Delta blew through Louisiana, the Acadiana Animal Aid(AAA) facility in New Orleans was left significantly damaged. The shelter’s transport and quarantine kennels were completely destroyed, and the walls of the cat cottage and roof of the shelter’s barn were starting to fall.

Rescue Rebuild worked with the shelter to develop plans and renderings for new and improved lifesaving quarantine kennels. We also send loads of pet toys and supplies for the homeless dogs and cats.

“The generous in-kind donation of pet supplies and toys arrived at a time when our shelter pets were in need of them the most,” Heidi Paterson with AAA told us. “This donation replaced items that had been worn, lost, or destroyed. New toys provided a much-needed distraction to shelter pets who were stressed by recent events connected to the storm. In the short-term effect, this in-kind donation allowed us to more quickly recover from the storm and care for our shelter pets.”


Formula for Orphaned Kittens & Puppies - 2020

Hoofbeats and Pawprints Rescue, based in Mississippi, shared how they used the donated formula and supplies to save an orphaned kitten named Carrots, a puppy named Howie, and 10 litters of kittens and puppies. 

Howie’s mother was too ill to care for him, so the shelter took over. “He was only a week old when his mother became ill and unable to care for him. Howie was bottle raised on Esbilac puppy formula and PetAg bottles that HPR received as part of a grant of shelter supplies from Greater Good Charities. He was able to get the good start he needed and he thrived and grew into a healthy 20 lb pup that still loves the stuffed toy dog named Fudge that he cuddled with as an infant.”


50-Acre Habitat For Rescued Tigers - 2020

Tigers rescued from Joe Exotic’s infamous zoo are roaming free in a 50-acre habitat at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Springfield, Colorado. But none of this would have been possible without your support. The sanctuary nursed the 39 malnourished tigers back to health but needed help constructing another habitat for them to roam. That’s where the Rescue Rebuild team stepped in to help. 

It took a lot of hard work and supplies to build a tiger-proof fence, but well worth it. "It felt great knowing that we created a new space that would provide relaxation for the neglected tigers that will call this land home," stated Zach Baker, project director.


Domestic Violence Shelter Renovation To Include Pet Area - 2019

There are about 1,500 shelters for victims of domestic abuse in the United States, but very few accommodate animals. GreaterGood teamed up with Kate Benjamin, founder of Hauspanther, to create a welcoming space for pets at a domestic violence shelter. The hard work of volunteers from Rescue Rebuild ,Sojourner Center and RedRover combined with your generous donations built a pet area to keep more people and pets together. 

“So when you think of it from that perspective, it makes complete sense that you see numbers like 50-60 percent [of domestic violence victims] delay leaving because they are afraid to leave a pet behind and afraid for what will happen to that pet,” said Rescue Rebuild founder, Bryna Donnelly. “These pet programs are not just important from the pet’s perspective, but they are a critical human safety need.”


Animal Shelter Rebuild in Puerto Rico - 2015