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We welcome your comments and suggestions. Many of the ideas for this site have been sent in by people from around the world.

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For information about becoming a sponsor at GreaterGood, download our Media Kit, contact us at, or call (206)859-5201.

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To contact our press representatives, please email To see recent press releases, stories written about this site, and information on making product review requests, please view our media and press page.

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Nikki Burns, Editor-in-Chief

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*Editorial on GreaterGood

Editorial for GreaterGood is composed primarily of unique content that is directly pertinent to the site cause, and is produced by an expert team of writers, editors, marketing coordinators, and more. Our goal is to keep you informed and up-to-date on news and initiatives that are close to the cause you support.

Site Editorial

Nikki Burns, Editor-in-Chief
As Editor-in-Chief, Nikki Burns monitors and guides site content for GreaterGood, and coordinates diverse teams to bring website initiatives from brainstorm to completion. She strives to promote all of the company’s causes not only to increase funding to charity, but also to spread awareness about the issues. Her background in education makes public information and awareness a top priority.

J. Fermon, Manager, Site Editorial & Projects
J. Fermon has been writing and editing content for GreaterGood in Seattle, Washington since 1999. She is most passionate about reporting the company’s global and local charitable endeavors. Prior to 1999 she provided creative and technical content to audiences at The Science and Technology Interactive Center in Aurora, Illinois.

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